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  • Attach color .pdf files with every job.
  • Provide current lasers AND color pdf files if supplying on disk.
  • A bleed off the page in any direction needs to have .125″ of that color past the crop line.
  • Spot color names in page layout must match the names in the graphics.
  • Only supply the files directly needed for printing that one project.
  • Supply every screen and printer font used in entire document and/or graphic.
  • Delete all unused colors from your files.
  • Do not apply styles of bold or italic, etc. from the font toolbar; use the actual font named Helvetica Bold for example.
  • Call us with ANY questions on preparing your file 262-251-1771.

Please click here to download the Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate.

Please click here to download the Taxpayer ID Number and Certification (WI FORM W9).

Please click here to download the Credit Card Authorization form.


Door Hangers